PMG 162 Black

Audio guest books create a buzz and set your guests free to laugh, cry, sing and joke while they dig up memories of your big day and times past. Savour all the stories told to rewind, mix and share to your heart’s content!

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This is the real deal, the grand daddy of our collection. It’s the oldest and the boldest coming in at 93 years old and still looking fit for a presidential office. This will get everyone reminiscing about the years gone by while you use it to perfectly capture the moment for the years to come.

It was made in the 1920s-1930s for the Post Master Generals Department (the P.M.G.). It is built with bakelite and steel to the highest standards. It has a cloth covered cord and is very heavy weighing 3.5 kg. The model is a PMG 162 but it was affectionately known as the King Pyramid.