‘Peachy Calls/We/Our/Supplier’ – Peachy Calls and any employees. ‘Customer/You/Your’ – The person, company, or other body which is hiring from Peachy Calls. ‘Guest Book’ – Physical phone that records voice messages. ‘Equipment’ – Guest Book and associated hire items provided to the Customer from Peachy Calls including transport case, signage, and charging cable. ‘Booking’ – Act of confirming Equipment hire and acceptance of Terms & Conditions through payment by Customer. ‘Hire Period’ – The time the Equipment is booked and paid for including additional time due to late return. ‘Start Date’ – The first day of the Hire Period. ‘End Date’ – The last day of the Hire Period. ‘Content’ – audio messages recorded by the Guest Book.

Delivery of Services, Delivery & Return of Equipment

Delivery & Return Shipping of Equipment – The hire price of your Equipment includes both delivery and return shipping throughout Australia. Unless an uncontrollable shipment delay occurs, you will receive your Equipment via courier at least 3 days before the Start Date of your Hire Period. Typically, we deliver within a range of two to five days before your Start Date. A prepaid return shipping method will be provided for you to return the Equipment. It is mandatory to take the Equipment in the prepaid satchel to a designated Parcel Point location within 3 days after the End Date of your Hire Period. Please note that futile deliveries and delayed returns may result in additional courier or hire charges.

Delivery of Content – Once Peachy Calls has received your returned Equipment, you will gain access to your private gallery of audio messages within 10 business days. For each audio message, you will receive both audio (MP3) and video (MOV4) file formats that are easy to share on social media platforms. You will receive all the content recorded on the Guest Book

Preloaded Voice Greeting – As part of the Equipment hire, your personalized voice greeting will be preloaded into the Guest Book, ensuring it is heard by users before they leave a message. After booking, you are required to record and submit your voice greeting using the link provided by Peachy Calls. Failure to provide your voice greeting at least 15 days before the Start Date will result in a generic greeting being loaded onto your Guest Book.

Changes and Cancellations

Booking Cancellation – If you cancel your booking 61 days or more prior to the Start Date of your Hire Period a full refund will be provided. If you cancel your booking between 15 to 60 days prior to your Start Date you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel your booking within 14 days or less of your Start Date no refund will be provided as your Equipment will have likely already been dispatched.

Changing Guest Book Style – There is no charge for changing the style of your Guest Book 15 days or more prior to your Start Date. However, changes are subject to availability of the requested style. Changing the style of your Guest Book within 14 days or less of your Start Date is not possible as your Equipment will have likely already been dispatched.

Changing Hire Period – You may change the Hire Period of your booking for no charge up to 15 days or more prior to your Start Date. Changing your Hire Period within 14 days or less of your Start Date is not possible as your Equipment will have likely already been dispatched.

Limit of Liability

Maximum Damages – You agree that the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to in any claim relating to the hire of the Equipment is limited to the total cost of your booking.

Issue with Delivered Equipment – You agree to notify Peachy Calls within 12 hours of your Equipment being delivered of any issue. Issues may include but are not limited to damage, non-working function, incorrect style, missing Equipment. Once notified, we will determine if there is an issue and work to get you replacement Equipment no later than your Start Date at no cost to you. If we cannot get you replacement Equipment no later than your Start Date then you will be offered your choice of a full refund or credit.

Loss and Damage of Equipment – Except for loss or damage reported within the timeframe set out in ‘Issue with Delivered Equipment’ you agree to bear the entire risk of loss and damage to the Equipment from any and every cause whatsoever during your Hire Period. In the event of any damage to the Equipment we may charge your credit card for the full cost of repair. In the event of damage beyond repair or loss of the Equipment we may charge your credit card for the full cost of replacement. You agree to return the Equipment clean. Should the Equipment returned be deemed dirty, we reserve the right to charge you a cleaning fee of $50. A reasonable level of wear and tear to the Equipment through normal use is accepted and is at the sole discretion of Peachy Calls.

Condition of Equipment – We understand your Guest Book may be part of the aesthetic of your wedding or event so we replace parts and complete maintenance of the Equipment to ensure it is of the best condition. You accept that the Equipment may be used and may have minor cosmetic flaws.

Equipment Ready-to-go – We charge Guest Book batteries to 100 percent prior to dispatch (and preload with your voice greeting if one was supplied by the time the Equipment was shipped) so that you only need to turn them on to begin recording audio messages. In case your Guest Book accidentally turns on during transport or on the odd chance is not charged to 100% we provide a USB charging cable with your hire. To charge from 0 to 100 percent takes approximately 5 hours and the charge allows for 45 hours of recording time. You agree that receiving your Guest Book not fully charged is not an issue that requires replacement Equipment under the ‘Issue with Delivered Equipment’ section.

Repairs & Alterations – You agree not to attempt to repair or materially alter the physical or otherwise makeup of the Guest Book under any circumstance regardless of fault unless given written consent by Peachy Calls.

Removal of Content – You agree not to attempt to remove content from the Guest Book unless given written consent by Peachy Calls.

Errors Using Equipment – We will provide you with instruction on how to operate your Equipment with the inclusion of a physical instruction card, through emails and via images/video. We will also provide you with ‘How To’ signage for your guests in both a physical version and a digital version for you to alter. You agree to release Peachy Calls of any responsibility if there are errors in the use of the Equipment and assume all risk of operation of the Equipment.

Loss of Content – We take the greatest care in ensuring the safe transport of the Guest Book, the extraction of content, and delivery of the content to you. In the unlikely event that We determine content has been lost or damaged for reasons not related to actions taken by you we may provide you with a full or partial refund at our discretion.

Content Quality – Audio messages are recorded at 44.1kHz sample rate and 16-bit depth which is in-line with CD-quality. However, the recording quality of the audio messages is subject to external factors such as background noise, how close the microphone is held to the mouth of the user, and how the user speaks. We run every recording through a filter to maximise the quality before providing them to you. You agree to release Peachy Calls of any responsibility related to the quality of the content provided.  

Force Majeure – We will not be liable for failure to perform any obligations otherwise required herein in the event of strikes, lockouts, calamities, acts of God, fire, flood, pandemic, and/or unavailability of supplies or other events over which Supplier has no control for so long as such event continues, based on the Supplier’s discretion and for a reasonable period of time thereafter, again, based on the Supplier’s discretion.

Intellectual Property

Copyright Ownership – All copyright is shared between Peachy Calls and the Customer and both have the right to reproduce the content. You agree that we may use the content for promotional purposes unless you advise otherwise prior to the Hire Period. You agree to release all claims to profits that may arise from our use of the content. We will not use content for promotional purposes which is deemed unsuitable or may be personally damaging to any person/s. You agree not to use the content for commercial purposes without written consent from Peachy Calls.

Tampering – Due to the intellectual property held within the physical construction and software of the Guest Book any tampering proven by built-in tamper measures or otherwise will incur a $2,000 fee.