Customer information

HOW TO USE your guestbook

Make sure your hand-piece is plugged in. Depending on the model of your guestbook, the plug point will either be on the bottom or on the back of the telephone.

To turn your guestbook on, toggle the power switch on/off/on and pick up and hang up the phone. This start sequence has been programmed to ensure the guestbook will not accidentally turn on and drain the battery during transit! Refer to the demonstrative video above for guidance. 

The guestbooks will arrive fully charged. Aside from testing the guestbook, ensure you switch it off until your event! We recommend charging the guestbook after 8 hours of use. The charge point (USB-C) is located on the base of the guestbook. 


Please ensure you keep the box, foam and return postage sticker your guestbook arrived with! You will need this to return the guestbook. Returns are expected to be dispatched within 5 days following your event.