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In an industry revolving around trust and personal connection, we realise that those closest to our customers are key to amazing events and our success.
We want you to be a big part of that success.

Who is Peachy Calls?

vintage audio guestbook with colourful bowl beside it

Peachy Calls is a home-grown Australian company working to make audio guestbooks the norm at big events. Our guestbooks are made from converted rotary dial phones and are easily set up through a smartphone. Guests hear greetings from hosts by simply picking up the handset. Then, after the beep, guests leave their well-wishes, loving stories and funny memories.

All recordings are then available to hosts through their smartphone where they can edit, share, download and even press to vinyl.

Designing and building our own guestbooks allows us to add features that make them more fun to use and unique amongst our industry. You can be sure that we’re constantly on the lookout and taking suggestions to better our service.

Our Diference

We’re choosing to stand apart by offering as much choice and value as we can. See how Peachy Calls compares to others in our market.

Peachy Calls
Phone Styles
True Vintage & Retro
Multiple Greetings / Prompts
Sign Choices
Guestbook Design
Affiliate Program
A Gift and Handwritten Card in Each Order

Join our Growth

As we grow, so should you. Our affiliate program is designed to complement your income while leaving the operations to us.
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Not Sold?

If you’re still on the fence about joining up, that’s okay! You can check out our affiliate FAQ and if there are unanswered questions then feel free to send us an email. You can also follow our socials to keep abreast of our developments. We hope you’ll join us at some point, until then, we wish you all the best in your business and thank you for doing your part in the Australian wedding / event space. 

Peachy Calls